Robert A. Fiore,
Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate


The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate was formed as an alternative organization to make more people "Aware About Epilepsy".


Our web site has over twenty seven pages so please scroll and find the ones that are helpful to both you and those you know.


We have set our goals to focus on the many facets of Epilepsy not currently explored to their fullest:


* Testing
* Medications
* N.I.H. Funding
* Support Groups
* Senior Scientist
* Junior Scientist
* Research Dollars
* Helping people with Epilepsy any way we can


This web site was officially launched November 11, 2009

Self Expression:


There is a singing and comedy team called The Gaylords comprised of Ron Gaylord and Burt Holiday.  Like them my heritage is Italian which we are very proud of. Burt has said: Ronnie, he was a genius. 

Ronnie and Burt were on a flight in 1991 and with the knack that Ronnie had he composed a song, it is a beautiful song titled Proverbs and here is one line from Proverbs: "Youth is like rose, it blooms a while and then, it withers and it dies and it won't return again." 

The definition of my family name Fiore is Flower.  Even though I am not a rose, I have bloomed and yes someday I will die but before doing so I want to perform the literary definition of bloom: Health, Energy and Attractiveness.  I want to take my improved Health and use the Energy from that to Attract others so we can raise Awareness about Epilepsy.


Robert A. Fiore,
Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate