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Many things seen on our website may seem conventional, and might even be taken for granted. However, to the many living with epilepsy, those same things are unconventional. How so, you ask? Well, many (but not all) people living with epilepsy cannot work, they cannot drive, and they do not know about public transportation available to them. Many cannot afford to pay for their medication. They even have trouble finding a neurologist.

Medical Transportation

There are MedicAlert bracelets and wrist chains that can tell an EMT, doctor or even a stranger you have epilepsy. We have even designed what we call an I.C.E. Sheet (In Case of Emergency). These items can be extremely helpful. Trust me, I know from experience that when you have a seizure, you probably cannot speak, and so those around you will not know what is happening.

Those are just a few of the many things you will find addressed on this website and by this organization.

The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate was founded on November 11, 2009, along with this official website. We encourage you to view the contents, and if you, your family, or anyone you know is living with epilepsy, we know you will find this to be a valuable resource.

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Robert A. Fiore,
Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate

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