Board of Directors​

Robert A. Fiore​

Robert Fiore is the President and Founder. He has had epilepsy since birth, but it was discovered when he was nine months old. In December 2005, he was scheduled to have temporal lobectomy surgery to correct his epilepsy and he told the doctor: "When I recover I will do everything possible to push and promote epilepsy." The look on the doctor's face was friendly but he did not look convinced. Unfortunately, they had to reschedule.


The surgery took place Tuesday, January 17, 2006 and upon recovering, he became an advocate for epilepsy. Many people watched what he did, and he came to a turning point in his life in the summer of 2009 and was told: "Why don't you start your own organization?" Robert spoke with others and they agreed and supported that suggestion.


Our website was launched November 11, 2009 and is formatted to help people with information in many forms as well as making people aware about epilepsy in many ways. Both it and our organization have grown. We truly hope you will follow us as we make...progress through awareness.

Leng-Chye Fiore​

Leng-Chye Fiore is the secretary and treasurer. She lives in Milford, Connecticut and became involved with the cause, because of her husband who has epilepsy.​

Charlie Pagano​

Charlie Pagano is the Vice President. He lives in New York and has been a lifelong friend and supporter of Robert Fiore.​

— The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate, Inc. is a recognized 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization. —

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